Cosmetic Dentist in Indianapolis

Helping you beautify your smile!

Dr.'s Mike and Joni have studied and trained with some of the worlds premier cosmetic dentists for the past twenty-five years and are known as some of the leading cosmetic dentists in the Midwest.

The cosmetic dental treatments we offer may include:

  • Filling in gaps between your teeth
  • Correcting or improving your bite
  • Whitening discolored teeth
  • Repairing chipped teeth
  • Changing the shape of teeth
  • Replacing missing teeth

We have 25 years of experience helping patients like yourself achieve a beautiful, bright smile. With advances in cosmetic dentistry, these procedures are as simple and painless as ever. Give us a call at (765) 724-7729 for our Alexandria office or (317) 770-1050 for our Noblesville location!

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