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Cracked, chipped, or knocked out teeth are all emergency situations that require the attention of an emergency dentist right away. At Kluth Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Noblesville, Indiana, the team of skilled dentists is well equipped to handle your emergency dentistry needs. They even maintain a flexible schedule to be able to accommodate last-minute emergency appointments. Call either office immediately if you need to see a dentist for a mouth injury.

Emergency Dentistry Q & A

What is an emergency dentist?

Emergency dentists treat injuries that require immediate attention. A dental emergency is any situation related to a broken or knocked-out tooth. Getting to Kluth Family & Cosmetic Dentistry as quickly as possible can make the difference between losing and saving your tooth.

When should I call an emergency dentist?

If you’ve suffered a serious injury to your teeth or gums, it’s probably a good idea to call an emergency dentist. Prompt treatment calls for immediate action. A variety of dental situations are considered dental emergencies, including:

  • Knocked-out teeth
  • A loose permanent tooth
  • Intense tooth or mouth pain
  • Bleeding inside your mouth from your tongue, gums, or cheeks
  • Trauma to your mouth or face
  • Swelling in your gums, tongue, or mouth
  • A badly fractured or cracked tooth
  • A laceration or tear on your lips

When you chip a tooth but haven’t lost it, it might not be a dental emergency. But if you’re concerned, simply contact the experienced emergency dentists at Kluth Family & Cosmetic Dentistry. Their team can outline for you how to take care of your tooth until you can make it into the office.

What do I do with a knocked-out tooth?

It’s essential that you act quickly. That will increase your chances of saving your tooth. To save the tooth, start by cleaning the injured tooth and the inside of your mouth. Swish warm water around your mouth and rinse the tooth in warm water, being careful to avoid touching the tooth's roots.

Hold the tooth by the crown (the smooth white top part) as you rinse it. If it's possible, place the tooth back in your mouth and into the gum where it was knocked out. Bite down softly on a gauze pad to hold the tooth in place until you can get to Kluth Family & Cosmetic Dentistry.

If the tooth can’t go back into the empty socket, hold the tooth in your mouth next to your cheek or keep it in a glass of milk. The moisture will keep the roots from drying out.

If you’ve experienced a dental emergency, call Kluth Family & Cosmetic Dentistry right away for expert care and assistance.